Funded by the European Investment Bank - University Research Sponsorship Programme (EIBURS)


Past events
2015 November 13 from 09:00 to 14:30

Workshop exploring the application of Cost-Benefit analysis to research infrastructures and major RDI projects

@ Bruxelles, DG RESEARCH (CDMA Building, Room number SDR2)

Objective of the workshop is to present and discuss with experts the methodology developed in the framework of the research project “Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation Sector” sponsored by the EIB Institute and to collect suggestions and comments for adjustments and fine tuning. The format of the workshop is an in-depth discussion of the Draft Final Report describing the CBA model and lessons learned from the two selected cases (i.e. the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and the National Centre for Oncological Treatment (CNAO) in Pavia (IT)).

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2015 June 11 from 16:30 to 17:30

CERN Colloquium

@ Geneve, CERN (503-1-001 - Council Chamber)


Massimo Florio will presents “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the LHC to 2025 and beyond: Was it Worth it?”

2015 March 19-20

2015 Annual Conference and Meeting of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

@ Washington DC, George Washington University Marvin Center

“The Evaluation of Research Infrastructures: a Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework” will be presented at the 2015 Annual Conference and Meeting of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis.

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis is an international group of practitioners, academics and others who are working to improve the theory and application of the tools of benefit-cost analysis. The 2015 annual conference on Advancing the Policy Frontier will focuses on the link between theory and practice of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), the methods used to estimate particular types of costs or benefits, the application of CBA to specific case studies, the role of CBA in decision making.

2015 March 23

Third annual meeting of the Knowledge Programme

@ Luxembourg

The annual meeting provides an opportunity for EIB staff and academics engaged in the activities of the EIB Institute to network and exchange ideas as well as to hear about the Institute’s initiatives under its three programmes, Knowledge, Social and Arts and Culture. The meeting is also a useful platform to discuss new collaborative initiatives between the EIB and academics such as the JASPERS knowledge network. Researchers presented the results of completed and ongoing EIBURS research projects and STAREBEI research internships, and representatives of universities discussed new and ongoing partnership agreements with specific universities and networks.

2014 June 12-13

XIII Milan European Economy Workshop
"The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Research Infrastructures"

@ University of Milan
Via: Festa del Perdono, 7
Room: "Sala di Rappresentanza"
Underground: lines 1/3 stop "Duomo"
Bus: 54, 60, 84, 94
Tramway: 12, 15, 23, 27


The workshop discussed the preliminary results of the project “Cost/Benefit Analysis in the Research, Development and Innovation Sector”, funded by the European Investment Bank Institute. In particular, the first four research papers related to the EIBURS project will behave been presented together with some the preliminary results of the CBA on the two selected case studies, i.e. the CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the Hadrontherapy Centre of Pavia.

2013 January 24

6th Annual Meeting of the EIB-University Research Action Programme

@ Luxembourg